Wednesday, September 10, 2014

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from TREEX: September 17, 2014

On WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2014, STUNNA dives deeper into the month with yet another exclusive installment of 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE Radio. In this edition, we turn our attention to PARIS, FRANCE where we find a talented producer and DJ known as TREEX and are treated to a special guest mix recorded by him especially for this program.

Born in 1984, and raised in FRANCE, TREEX has been involved in his native country's DRUM+BASS scene for many years. Lending his hand at the organization of events and DJing with his friends from AMPLITUDE, EN2, EXPLORATION, and QUALITY LABS, TREEX put his hat into the production ring in 2010 and began making tracks. In the time since, he's honed his sound and engineering acumen to pen original works for such labels as SOUL DEEP RECORDINGS, INFLUENZA MEDIA, and LUV DISASTER RECORDS, TOTAAL REZ, and LIQUID BRILLIANTS. With positive support of his music from names like TECHNIMATIC, VELOCITY, SCOTT ALLEN, MACCA, DUOSCIENCE, DJ CHAP, PHAT PLAYAZ, SALARYMAN, LOZ CONTRERAS, MISSFORTUNE, and the rest of the BASSDRIVE crew, be on the lookout for exciting new releases from TREEX in the coming months, including material with fellow countryman SEEREAL (under their collective 'KORUS' guise).

Join us this session for a fresh guest mix from TREEX which includes some of his favorite tracks doing the rounds as well as a number of brand-new original productions. Tune in!!

**For more information on TREEX, visit:

• TREEX on Soundcloud
• TREEX on Facebook

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from IMPISH: September 3, 2014

On WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 2014, STUNNA kicks off the month with another special edition of 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE Radio. In this installment, he points the compass towards MOSCOW, RUSSIA where he finds upcoming producer, label owner, and DJ IMPISH and taps him for an exclusive guest mix.

IMPISH (aka ROMAN) is a multi-talented artist who's seen his native MOSCOW scene flourish with the popular 'BURNING SERIES' club night (which was mentioned a bit more in-depth in the recent write-up for the SKYWEEP guest mix), the successful OCCULTI MUSIC record label, and his own growing production discography. With original tracks and collaborations with artists such as INTERSOUL and VASILISA, IMPISH finds time to manage the OCCULTI MUSIC imprint with fellow countryman CUTWORKS and is finalizing plans for the label's fifth vinyl release (which will include two samplers containing music from ELECTROSOUL SYSTEM, CUTWORKS, MR. AGBO, and IMPISH himself). Also, about to be unveiled, is a brand-new vinyl DEEP HOUSE/TECHNO sub-label of the OCCULTI MUSIC family called 'MAYAK' (which means 'lighthouse') and will feature a packed roster including ANTON KUBIKOV, ZEFZEED and many other like-minded producers.

Join us this session as IMPISH takes us on a journey including some of his favorite tracks doing the rounds as well as his own upfront production work fresh out of the studio. Tune in!!

**For more information on IMPISH, visit:

• IMPISH on Facebook
• IMPISH on Soundcloud

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

'THE GREENROOM' In-Studio Guest GEECEE: August 27, 2014

On WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 27, 2014, STUNNA closes out the month with yet another special installment of 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE radio. In this edition, he welcomes fellow long-time CHICAGO DJ GEECEE into the studio for an exclusive guest mix.

GEECEE (aka JEREMY WATSON) began DJing after being exposed to DRUM+BASS music in the late 90′s. After honing his craft at home, he was rewarded with his first residency at Club SHATTERED in COLUMBIA, MISSOURI. With the help of a few others, the TUESDAY night weekly “SYNKRONIZE” ran for 2+ years, ending in the summer of 2002. GC went on to hold residencies at a handful of other establishments, also in COLUMBIA. Throughout the years from 2000 on, he maintained his residencies and played consistently around the MIDWEST, always taking the crowd for a ride with his noted deep, energetic, storytelling sets. He started working on production in 2004 and has been breaking beats ever since. In early 2007, JEREMY moved to CHICAGO after the infamous 'BLACK BABY' fiasco. He was quickly accepted as a staple in the WINDY CITY BASS music scene, and played every major D+B club night before the end of the year. Being around so many like-minded individuals, he was motivated to throw shows again, this time helping to start the CHICAGO chapter of the famed KONKRETE JUNGLE organization based out of NEW YORK CITY. With a home base of the storied CAFE LURA, GC helped bring quality DRUM+BASS to large groups of heads. Fast forward to 2011: with his first record seeing a release on ST. LOUIS imprint UNITOVONE RECORDINGS with close friend and fellow producer BORJA, GC has been in the studio daily, putting in work. Presently, be sure to keep an ear out for more original productions from this talented DJ/producer of DRUM+BASS and beyond.

Tune in this session and join us as GEECEE drops an exclusive live set!

**For more information on GEECEE, visit:

• GEECEE on Soundcloud
• GEECEE on Facebook

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Live from Chicago

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

'THE GREENROOM' In-Studio Guest CTHULHU: August 20, 2014

On WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 20, 2014, STUNNA presents another special edition of 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE radio. For this installment, he welcomes DJ CTHULHU back into the studio for an exclusive guest mix.

An established favorite on the underground MIDWEST DRUM+BASS DJ circuit, CTHULHU's diverse sets expertly weave the upfront sounds of modern DRUM+BASS and the classic sounds of JUNGLE's past. Join us as CTHULHU previews some flavors of her upcoming set on SATURDAY, AUGUST 23rd for the 'BASS RIOT!' night at The Underground Lounge (952 W Newport Ave, Chicago). Tune in!!

**For more information on CTHULHU, visit:

• CTHULHU on Facebook
• CTHULHU on Mixcloud

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from MAGE: August 13, 2014

On WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 13, 2014, STUNNA returns with yet another exclusive edition of 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE radio. In this week's episode, we turn our attention to the prolific producer (and GREENROOM favorite) MAGE and are treated to a fresh guest mix.

Hailing from the city of CHELYABINSK, RUSSIA, MAGE (aka KIRILL SHEYKIN) began producing DRUM+BASS in 2004 and finished his first collaborative tune with fellow producer DK FOYER in 2005 and the track was subsequently released on FOYER's album in 2007. In the time since then, MAGE now has more than 20 vinyl, CD, and digital releases under his belt. He's been published on a long and esteemed list of imprints, including: KILL INC, LIQUID BRILLIANTS, MIND INSIDE, PIRATE STATION, RESPECT, SOUL LIMITED, DIGITAL COLOURS, BASSDRIVE TUNES, DYSFUNKTIONAL AUDIO, OFFWORLD, EXTENT, DUBPLATE RECORDS, PLUSH, RE-ZONE, FOKUZ, CELSIUS, and URBAN CHEMISTRY.

MAGE draws his musical inspiration from the soulful and intelligent sounds of LIQUID FUNK, as well as the playful elements of JUMP UP and the aggressive side of NEUROFUNK to create his own signature sound within the fast-paced world of DRUM+BASS. Join us as we dive deep into an exclusive blend of upfront tunes and original creations from MAGE himself. Tune in!!!

**For more information on MAGE, visit:

• MAGE on Soundcloud
• MAGE on Facebook
• MAGE on Youtube
• MAGE on Twitter

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Friday, August 1, 2014

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from RED ARMY: August 6, 2014

On WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 6, 2014, STUNNA kicks off the month with another very special installment of 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE radio. For this edition, we point our compass towards the WEST COAST of the UNITED STATES and find the multi-talented, SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA-based DRUM+BASS producer known as RED ARMY.

In the mid 1990's, RED ARMY (aka JAMES FUHRING), rocked audiences in seminal PUNK/HARDCORE bands MOHINDER and JENNY PICCOLO. It was during the latter that he accidentally discovered the sound of DRUM+BASS while in BERLIN, GERMANY on a EUROPEAN tour. JAMES was so blown away by this sound, he shortly sold all of his music equipment to buy a sampler, turntables and a mixer. The first two years were rough as he knew no one involved in D+B, only a local SANTA CRUZ radio show called 'THE METALLIC BLURP,' hosted by the ARGON RECORDS crew. JAMES, on a whim, emailed the radio show to ask if he could meet up with other like minds. There he would meet the other two members that would form the 3-piece, RED ARMY. Together, they would shortly set dance floors on fire with releases on SKUNKROCK, ARGON, PHUTURO, and eventually, N2O. The N2O deal soured on the crew, and it was beginning to be harder to work in the studio as JAMES relocated to SACRAMENTO, JOAQUIN would move back to SAN DIEGO to begin his film directing career, and JUSTIN would start what is now known as one of the largest electronic groups right now: THE GLITCH MOB. This left JAMES as the soul output for the RED ARMY moniker.

While getting nibbles for releases from a few labels, the years of 2005-2009 saw a hard time on D+B altogether. Labels were switching to digital formats and vinyl was becoming obsolete, folding a great deal of labels, including ones that were planning on new RED ARMY releases. These tunes still have never seen the light of day. In 2009, JAMES got serious again about the production side of the music and slowly started to release again on SIMPLIFY RECORDINGS and ONSET AUDIO, two SEATTLE-based labels which were solely responsible for getting his music back out on the dance floors. Flash forward to the present, RED ARMY is now being released on DUST AUDIO's sister label TURBINE MUSIC (both digitally and some soon to be vinyl releases), GROUND MASS, ONSET AUDIO (responsible for 7 of his current releases) and a slew of support from some of the scene's veterans and up-and-comers like BAIELY, DEXTA, MAUOQ, STUNNA, SPINDALL, HOMEMADE WEAPONS, CLIMA, INTERLINE, GREMLINZ, and REZA, to name a few.

Join us this session as we're treated to an ALL-ORIGINAL production mix from RED ARMY and be sure to pick up his new 'HIGH GRADE' EP which lands this MONDAY, AUGUST 4th courtesy of TURBINE MUSIC. Tune in!!!

**For more information on RED ARMY, visit:

• RED ARMY on Soundcloud
• RED ARMY on Facebook

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from SKYWEEP: July 30, 2014

On JULY 30, 2014, STUNNA closes out the month with yet another special edition of 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE radio. For this session, we welcome back truly one of our favorite artists for another special mix. As he readies his 'CONTRADICTIONS' album for CELSIUS RECORDINGS, settles into his new home in MOSCOW, RUSSIA, and celebrates his birthday this very day, SKYWEEP makes his third appearance armed with an exclusive guest mix.

Hailing originally from MOLDOVA, SKYWEEP has recently relocated to the thriving hub of DRUM+BASS that is MOSCOW and has become immersed in its network of creativity and nightlife. Here are a few words about these new experiences told by the man himself.......

"It started at the end of 2013. I was booked from MOLDOVA to RUSSIA for a big party in MOSCOW at the 16 TONS CLUB on DECEMBER 28th. It was a great party: big crowd and a very powerful sound system. I was introduced to many nice people there (DJ GROOVE - the father of D+B in MOSCOW; ENEI from CRITICAL; IMPISH and CUTWORKS from MOSCOW's own OCCULTI MUSIC label). It was a really amazing night and I decided to spend more time in the city. After a couple of months, I became a resident at OCCULTI MUSIC's monthly party named the 'BURNING SERIES.' It's a small, local underground DRUM+BASS event that's made a name for itself due to the welcoming atmosphere and warm, analogue vinyl sound. It's here where you are able to meet the label's artists, resident DJs, and the rest of the friendly music supporters. It's also where I met my friend from MOLDOVA, RON M, and the lovely DJ KRIZZZ. They are also residents at the 'BURNING SERIES' and we've had good times together. I now have upcoming releases coming on the OCCULTI MUSIC imprint and during my time in MOSCOW, I've also completed my forthcoming 'CONTRADICTIONS' album for CELSIUS RECORDINGS (landing this AUGUST). I have a track called "SELFISH" which I wrote here in RUSSIA that is included on a vinyl compilation for FOKUZ RECORDINGS titled 'FOKUZ BOX - SOURCE OF LIFE: EXPRESSIONS OF A SOUL' and is backed by a cut called "FURIA" by the producer HANDRA. This mix I've prepared for 'THE GREENROOM' is all about supporting my favorite labels: FOKUZ, CELSIUS, OCCULTI MUSIC, VANDAL, DIGITAL BLUS, JAZZSTICKS, TEXTURES MUSIC GROUP, FUTURE THINKIN, and more. You'll hear dubplates from these labels as well as brand-new music from myself as well. Have a listen!"

**For more information on SKYWEEP, visit:

• SKYWEEP on Soundcloud
• SKYWEEP on Facebook

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Live from Chicago

Thursday, July 10, 2014

'THE GREENROOM' In-Studio Guest DJ RADIC (Full Force Recordings): July 16, 2014

As the days and nights continue to heat up this summer in CHICAGO, STUNNA cools things down with yet another very special installment of 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE radio. On WEDNESDAY, JULY 16th, he opens the GREENROOM door and welcomes the man behind revered DRUM+BASS imprint FULL FORCE RECORDINGS: DJ RADIC.

Celebrating its 10th year as a label, FULL FORCE RECORDINGS was set up by LUXEMBOURG-based DJ RADIC (aka MATTHEW CROSBY) back in 2004 as a platform for new and up-and-coming NEUROFUNK producers. Having the talented CHOOK by his side, RADIC quickly realized the potential that could be achieved by pushing new boundaries in the music. His constant search for new artists has lead to releases on FULL FORCE by the likes of CAUSE 4 CONCERN, CHOOK, PHACE, MISANTHROP, VICIOUS CIRCLE, MAYHEM, OPTIV, DOSE, MISHA, STAE OF MIND, SUNCHASE, N-PHONIX, N-PHECT, DIZPLAY, XPLORER, DEEPULSE, COMPLEX, and CODEX.

Over the years, DJ RADIC has strived to build his own reputation for providing constant energy and commitment to both the label and his DJ sets alike. Along the way, RADIC has been able to work with a vast variety of musical styles and gifted producers. These elements have become his primary source of inspiration to create the solid foundation on which FULL FORCE RECORDINGS still sit upon today as it continues to grow and develop as an underground DRUM+BASS label.

Join us as we're treated to an exclusive in-studio set from DJ RADIC as we hear future music from the FULL FORCE camp and other fresh offerings from producers around the world. Tune in!!

**For more information on DJ RADIC and FULL FORCE RECORDINGS, visit:


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Live from Chicago

Friday, May 30, 2014

STUNNA - June 2014 Live Dates

STUNNA wraps up the end of Spring and brings in the coming of Summer with a string of live DJ sets in the MIDWEST. A debut appearance in AKRON, OHIO kicks off the month of JUNE and continues with a number of shows in CHICAGO and a return visit to DETROIT. Here's all the info..........






Wednesday, May 21, 2014

'THE GREENROOM' In-Studio Guest DJ ORACLE of DUBGRIND: May 28, 2014

STUNNA closes out the month of MAY on WEDNESDAY the 28th with yet another very special edition of 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE radio. In this installment, he opens the door and welcomes a veteran DJ/producer in the CHICAGO DRUM+BASS scene: DJ ORACLE.

Long-time member of the firmly-established M.I.A. (Murder In America) collective, DJ ORACLE (aka MARKO PERAICA) has played an integral role in the STATESIDE scene as a multi-talented DJ, producer, remixer and label manager. A guiding force behind the COMBAT RECORDS imprint, with solo tracks and collaborative releases as 'THE GEMINI TWINS' and 'DUBGRIND,' DJ ORACLE also manages to make time to help maintain the full-service recording facility S.O.S. STUDIOS in CHICAGO.

Armed with a growing catalogue of releases and forthcoming material, DJ ORACLE drops thru the GREENROOM studio for an exclusive mix showcasing the latest and greatest sounds of DRUM+BASS. Tune in!!!

**For more information on DJ ORACLE, visit:

• DJ ORACLE on Twitter
• DJ ORACLE on Facebook
• DJ ORACLE on Soundcloud
• DJ ORACLE profile on M.I.A. page

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Live from Chicago

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

'THE GREENROOM' Guest Mix from THRASH PILOT + FRACTALS: May 21, 2014

On WEDNESDAY, MAY 21, 2014, STUNNA presents yet another very special edition of 'THE GREENROOM' program on the BASSDRIVE Radio airwaves. For this installment, he unveils a guest mix from two great UK-based DJ/producers representing the KILLSCREEN RECORDINGS label: THRASH PILOT and FRACTALS.

A former live act, THRASH PILOT (aka JIM KENNEDY) once performed at DRUM+BASS nights all across the UK. After moving to LEEDS representing a show on pirate radio station 'MOVE FM,' and now under the name MORPHEUS, JIM released on the now-defunct NU URBAN MUSIC label. After a long period away from the scene, JIM is now back again as THRASH PILOT and has teamed up with FRACTALS to launch the KILLSCREEN RECORDINGS imprint.

Having spent many years earning his stripes as a vinyl DJ in NOTTINGHAM, FRACTALS (aka JIM WHEATLEY) gave up the 1210s to push VINYL [ABORT] and their unique ABLETON LIVE mashup JUNGLE sound. Leaving the EAST MIDLANDS after a supporting slot on the CHASE + STATUS UK tour of 2010, FRACTALS slowly began the return to his roots and original passion: the dark side of DRUM+BASS. Taking influence and inspiration from the likes of SKEPTICAL, DUB PHIZIX, MARCUS INTALEX, and the legendary METALHEADZ label, FRACTALS' productions have been on rotation in clubs and radio worldwide and his contribution on the recent 'NIGHTSTALKER' EP on KILLSCREEN was described by MIXMAG as "slow-burning, tribal dub electricity!"

With an aim to bring fresh DRUM+BASS music to the world's dance floors, KILLSCREEN RECORDINGS owners THRASH PILOT and FRACTALS, alongside the talented JAMAC and the legendary DJ SAPPO have garnered positive support for the label's music from scene stalwarts DILLINJA, RANDALL, GROOVERIDER, BAILEY, MATRIX, FUTUREBOUND, SAVAGE REHAB, and NICKY BLACKMARKET (to name but a few).

Tune in this session as we're treated to an exclusive guest mix from THRASH PILOT and FRACTALS!

**For more information on KILLSCREEN RECORDINGS, visit:

• KILLSCREEN on Facebook
• KILLSCREEN on Soundcloud

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Live from Chicago

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

'THE GREENROOM' In-Studio Guest RENAN: May 7, 2014

On WEDNESDAY, MAY 7, 2014, STUNNA welcomes back into the friendly confines of 'THE GREENROOM' fellow CHICAGO-based DJ, producer and promoter RENAN for the live broadcast.

Beginning his career in the world of JUNGLE and DRUM+BASS back in 1994, RENAN (aka ERIK CEVALLOS) has continued to build his reputation both behind the decks and behind the scenes by promoting events around the WINDY CITY as well as co-founding the multi-service recording facility S.O.S. STUDIOS in 2011. Establishing an allegiance with like-minded local selectors, RENAN has curated the "DNBID" (Drum N Bass Is Dead) crew in the form of various regular nights such as 'RAGGAMUFFIN,' 'REFORM,' and most currently, the 'BASS RIOT!' night which finds its current home every 2nd and 4th Saturday each month in the subterranean confines of CHICAGO's venerable UNDERGROUND LOUNGE (located in the heart of the city's WRIGLEYVILLE neighborhood).

Lock in this week as we're treated to the upfront sounds and classic selections from one of CHICAGO's finest selectors: DJ RENAN.

**For more information on a RENAN, visit:


*Upcoming 'BASS RIOT!' shows:

• MAY 10, 2014: A-SIDES [UK]
• MAY 24, 2014: MLE + MIKE E-FRESH
• JUNE 14, 2014: DAVE OWEN + PHANTOM 45
• JUNE 28, 2014: PLACE 42 [NYC] + CHRISTINA TAMAYO (Birthday Set)

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Live from Chicago

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

'THE GREENROOM' Spotlight mix on FURNEY: April 30, 2014

SEASON 9 of 'THE GREENROOM' kicks off in grand style on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30, 2014 with the next artist 'SPOTLIGHT' mix taking over the airwaves on BASSDRIVE radio. With past long-form programs featuring the work from artists ASC, BACHELORS OF SCIENCE, DAVE OWEN, DIRRRTY B/BLUE MOTION, DUOSCIENCE, ICR, KJELL, LENZMAN, METHOD ONE, NAIBU (two volumes), NUSENSE, SABURUKO, SOL ID, SPECIFIC, STYLE CONTROL, SUBMORPHICS (two volumes), THE FIX/COUNTERWEIGHT, THEORY, TIDAL, and WILL MILES, the 23rd edition features one of DRUM+BASS music's most prolific producers to date: FURNEY.

Hailing from the UK, FURNEY (aka JAMES FEARNSIDE) was first introduced to dance music by his older sister's collection of early ACID HOUSE and HARDCORE mixtapes. As the sound progressed and evolved into modern DRUM+BASS, FURNEY developed a love for music borne out of producers' bedroom studios and he himself began DJing and learning his way around the studio environment. Creating his own sound which incorporates a myriad of influences and inspirations, FURNEY's mystical, dreamy vibe transports the listener to a different place and instantly conjures a mood and atmosphere.

Having found a home for his music over the years on such labels as 31 RECORDS, ADVANCED, AMA SOUNDS, BIOS, BLACK REFLECTIONS, CAMINO BLUE, C.I.A. DEEP KUT, DIGITAL BLUS, GOOD LOOKING, JAZZSTICKS, LIQUID V, PHUZION DIGITAL, RED MIST, SHEER VELOCITY, SOUL DEEP, SOUNDTRAX, SUPER8SOUND, and TELLURIC, FURNEY has risen to the upper echelon of prestigious producers in DRUM+BASS music. His DJ sets are renown for the inclusion of his newest original tracks, collaborations, and remixes (many of them unreleased and forthcoming). FURNEY has performed around the globe and has many upcoming high-profile projects set to drop in the near future.

Join us as STUNNA takes a 3-HOUR journey looking at the impressive catalogue of FURNEY's creations: past, present, and future. Tune in!!!

**For more information on FURNEY, visit:

• FURNEY on Soundcloud
• FURNEY on Facebook
• FURNEY on Discogs

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Live from Chicago

Thursday, April 17, 2014

'THE GREENROOM' 8-Year Anniversary Special: April 23, 2014

On WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23, 2014, STUNNA presents the 8-YEAR anniversary special edition of 'THE GREENROOM' on BASSDRIVE radio. After more than 400 shows aired during each week's 3-hour program format, the staggering amount of music played from great producers and labels has truly solidified the credo that 'DRUM+BASS is not dead.' Join us as we celebrate the fresh sounds created week in/week out courtesy of talented artists from around the globe. Tune in!!

Hosted by STUNNA
Live from Chicago